Shanelle Clapham

"I can only gush about Dianna. She is the most self-motivated and autonomous worker, who also likes to collaborate. A rare breed for sure. Dianna was our Training & Education Manager - teaching charities how to use digital marketing to further their cause. She launched this program for us which had 1 course and product and created a suite of courses, breakfast seminars and a pipeline that still pays off 2 years later!"

Kerry Metcalfe-Smith

"As a solutions focused and talented learning designer, Dianna offered her support to the L&OD team. She proved to be a valued and highly productive team member. By developing a range of e-learning solutions for InvoCare, Dianna expanded our expectations of what online learning could achieve when it is well designed."

Melissa Saxby

"Dianna was able to take our recruitment documentation and produce an e-learning package in Articulate that is assisting to uplift our hiring managers knowledge and skills around our recruitment process. We have had positive feedback that it is easy to use, looks great and provides the knowledge just when you need it."

Miriam van Bladel

"Dianna is a pragmatic education professional and has shown the ability to translate into practice the legislation and to give clear expectation to our course-participants. She has excellent teaching and communications skills, is well organised, reliable and strongly committed to he organisations for which she works. Dianna posses the right combination of drive, know-how and positive attitude. Quality and a customer-driven approach are her strong points. Throughout her relation with GGN Academy, Dianna delivered all expectations and has been a capable teacher for our course-participants."

Hogeschool Utrect

"She is a reliable teacher: she is passionate in her field of study, capable of linking the various aspects of the bailiff’s profession. She also puts the profession in a wider social perspective.
Her students always give her positive evaluation of her didactic skills, the content of the course and her personality. As a teacher, and bailiff herself, she taught various legal subjects (e.g. procedural law) and she also worked as a supervisor of judicial officers’ trainees and assess theses."

drs. J.J (Hans) Mreijen

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