How I can help

Create eLearning

Make the most of your time face to face or online with courses that are to the point and deliver results.

Develop Face to Face training
Design Elearning
Get tailored elearning for your employees that is dynamic, relevant and engaging.
Deliver Training

Facilitate Learning

Hire an energetic and experienced facilitator to deliver your content or facilitate your workshop, online or offline.

Design Elearning


Are you considering elearning but do not know where to start? I can help you with elearning design, the development of elearning modules or complete your project from start to finish. I will work with your subject matter expert(s) to design elearning that is effective and visually appealing.

Advantages of Elearning

Elearning has a lot of advantages. It is cost effective for larger groups, self-paced, accessible 24/7, ideal for a geographically dispersed workforce, easy scalable and it offers independent learning.

How you can use Elearning

There are endless possibilities with elearning for your business. You could:

  • Make your ‘on the shelf’ content accessible for a broader group of employees
  • Create an elearning module from a popular PowerPoint presentation
  • Start with micro learning to boost or refresh knowledge
  • Change your face-to-face courses into a more blended approach
  • Create new elearning modules for a remote workforce or
  • All of the above.


Elearning is not the solution for all training needs. In some cases, a face to face or online training course, a simple job aid, coaching on the job or a blended approach is a better fit. An analysis of the training needs should be the first step, (ADDIE) followed by design and development. Let us plan a workshop to analyse your needs and objectives and find out if training is the solution and what type of training would suit best.


I work with Articulate Storyline 360 to create elearning modules for your business and have worked with other authoring tools in the past. Have a look at my portfolio to see my work.


Developing an effective and engaging face-to-face or online training course (also called facilitator-led training) requires more than putting together a PowerPoint deck with presenter notes. With over 15 years of experience in design and development of training for a variety of industries, and as a facilitator, I am the right person to help you deliver results with face to face and online training.

Team Up

Together with your subject matter expert(s), I will design and develop a face to face or online training course that meets all your learning objectives, within the set time frame and budget. With their subject matter expertise and my instructional design skills and facilitation experience we will make a great team and create a course that is both engaging and effective.

Advantages facilitator-led training

We are all different. Some learners prefer self-paced and the independency that comes with elearning, others need a classroom environment, online or offline, to practise and gain new skills and knowledge. The advantages of facilitator-led courses are the interaction with other learners and the facilitator, one-on-one explanation if needed, asking questions on the go and practising with a bit more handholding.


We will start with an analysis of your training needs (ADDIE) to determine whether a facilitator-led training, online or offline, is the way to go, followed by the design and development. We might choose for a mix of self-paced elearning and facilitator-led training to make the most of your face to face time.

Delivering results

To ensure that your facilitators can hit the ground running, I will provide a facilitator guide, a presentation (if required), a participants guide and any other training materials that will make the course successful. I can also assist with the implementation (including train-the-trainer sessions) and evaluation of the course to ensure that your facilitators are up for their task.

Develop Training

Facilitate Learning


Being a learning facilitator or trainer is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. You might have great subject matter experts in your business, but that does not mean they are able (or willing) to train your employees effectively, or facilitate a workshop and keep their independency at the same time. With plenty of facilitation hours under my belt, I am ready to help you out.

Dianna as a facilitator

As a learning facilitator, I am always looking for interaction with the learners and encouraging peer to peer learning through discussions and storytelling. Experiential learning, playful activities, small group work and a variety of media are my favourite ingredients for an engaging training session.

Train your employees

If you need a ‘hands on’ facilitator to deliver your course content because your trainer is not available, or you need more capacity for a short period of time, let’s have a chat. I have delivered training in processes, legal topics, system training, instructional design, skills training (including online facilitation skills) and facilitated all kinds of workshops.

Upskill your experts

Your course content is ready to go, but your subject matter expert is not up for the task to deliver the training? In a few training sessions, we will work on their confidence as a facilitator, give them tips and tricks to keep the learners engaged and get them ready to take on this new role.

Facilitate workshops

Whether it is team building or a workshop to kick of a project, I look forward to being your independent facilitator. I will guide you through the agenda -that we can set together- and include a variety of activities to make the most of the time you have together and achieve the desired outcome.

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