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Hi, I’m Dianna Verlaan

If you bring the industry knowledge, I’ll bring the instructional design skills. Let’s team up to develop elearning that sticks or engaging face-to-face training that delivers results. And if you need a trainer as well, let’s talk.

I will bring over a decade of experience in training design, development and delivery, both in Australia and The Netherlands. I owned a training business for 7 years, developing and delivering training in the legal industry and taught Law at Uni. For Australian charities, I developed a portfolio of digital marketing courses and while working in HR, I developed elearning modules, using Articulate and Elmo.

Training skills are universal and I am sure together we can develop training courses for your employees that deliver results.

Case Studies

Recruitment Process

By choosing a more blended approach including elearning, the People & Culture Manager was able to cut down the face-to-face time by half...

Induction Training

The implementation of the elearning module cuts the delivery time of face-to-face training and gives learners a more engaging way of getting to know the business …

Legal Secretary Course

The structured explanation of procedures and tasks shortened the induction period of the legal secretaries and boosted their confidence...

Recent Courses

Discover Yourself: Values, Strengths, Vision, EQ, and more

Master This 4 Step Framework That's Given 1,000 People Two...

Life Mastery – Be Happy, Healthy and Successful Simplified

Master This 4 Step Framework That's Given 1,000 People Two...

Productivity Masterclass: How To Powerfully Get Things Done

Master This 4 Step Framework That's Given 1,000 People Two...


You Can

  • Reduction in the cost of training
  • HR can focus on greater priorities, whilst I take over training development
  • Re-use of content that’s on the shelf and convert into online content
  • Employee retention by providing tailored training that’s to the point and engaging
  • Learning pathways for employees to further develop their skills and knowledge.

Shanelle Clapham

"I can only gush about Dianna. She is the most self-motivated and autonomous worker, who also likes to collaborate. A rare breed for sure. Dianna was our Training & Education Manager - teaching charities how to use digital marketing to further their cause. She launched this program for us which had 1 course and product and created a suite of courses, breakfast seminars and a pipeline that still pays off 2 years later!"

Kerry Metcalfe-Smith

"As a solutions focused and talented learning designer, Dianna offered her support to the L&OD team. She proved to be a valued and highly productive team member. By developing a range of e-learning solutions for InvoCare, Dianna expanded our expectations of what online learning could achieve when it is well designed. "

Miriam van Bladel

"Dianna is a pragmatic education professional and has shown the ability to translate into practice the legislation and to give clear expectation to our course-participants. She has excellent teaching and communications skills, is well organised, reliable and strongly committed to he organisations for which she works. Dianna posses the right combination of drive, know-how and positive attitude. Quality and a customer-driven approach are her strong points. Throughout her relation with GGN Academy, Dianna delivered all expectations and has been a capable teacher for our course-participants."

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