Online Facilitation

The Work

In my opinion you can achieve the same results with an online facilitated session compared to a face-to-face meeting. By using the right platform, and, depending on the goals and the audience, additional online tools, we can create a great and interactive online experience. In all sessions, I am both the facilitator and look after the technology. Let me give you a few examples of online sessions that I (have) facilitate(d):

Online Facilitation Training

For the volunteer firefighters in Victoria (CFA), I designed, developed and then facilitated a training in the use of Microsoft Teams and how to facilitate their CFA courses online. A total of approx. 150 volunteer trainers, in groups of 10, participated in two online sessions to learn about the ins and outs of Teams facilitation and finished off with a practice run. The sessions were run in Microsoft Teams with the use of Kahoot.

On a smaller scale, I designed, developed and delivered short courses for two cohorts of trainers at NAB to upskill them in online facilitation.

Discovery Workshops

At the start of each project, I run one or more discovery workshops as part of a needs analysis, to receive input for a high level design, or to discuss the content for an elearning module or facilitated course.  For example: For PricewaterhouseCoopers, together with their Senior Manager Business Learning, I facilitated two workshops with a large group of stakeholders to receive input for a high level design of a new blended training program. The sessions were delivered through Google Meet with the use of Google Docs.

Instructional Design and Facilitation Skills courses

I regularly facilitate training for the Australian Institute of Training & Development (AITD), both online and face-to-face, public and in-house about instructional design and facilitation skills. The sessions are facilitated via Zoom.

Virtual Play

Together with an agile coach, I facilitate monthly online, free to all, sessions to experiment with serious games and playful activities. These activities can be used in all kinds of facilitated sessions. See the topic Virtual Play for more information. These sessions are run on Zoom and we use Trello and Miro or Jamboard if needed.

My Role

  • Online facilitator
  • Producer

The Tools

  • Platforms: Zoom, Microsoft Teams
  • Additional tools: Kahoot, Mentimeter, Jamboard, Miro, Kahoot, Google Docs etc.
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